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Floor Clause Claim | At Lexmia Abogados We Help You

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled in favor of clients in the case of compensation for abusive floor clauses. The entities will have to return everything that clients have paid extra during the life of the mortgage loan and not only from May 9, 2013, as established by the Supreme Court.

This represents the great news that all consumers with MORTGAGES that had FLOOR CLAUSES were waiting for.

Let us remember that floor clauses were included in the majority of variable mortgage loan contracts to set a minimum interest rate that the client should pay, regardless of how much the Euribor eventually fell.

The Spanish Supreme Court declared most of these clauses abusive but limited the compensation: the floor clause would cease to apply as of May 9, 2013, but what was previously paid would not be returned. The current ruling forces banks to return everything that clients have paid extra during the life of the mortgage loan.

However, financial entities will not make this refund automatically and it is expected that the majority of refunds will be through their respective judicial claims.

From our law firm in murcia, we are already helping our clients to quickly claim the amounts that correspond to them.

If you are also a client affected by your mortgage, we encourage you to visit us or contact our office in order to review and identify the aforementioned “floor clause”.

With our help you can recover everything you have paid more. We recommend that you do not let it pass you by, since it is YOUR MONEY AND IT CORRESPONDS TO YOU BY RIGHT.

To advise you, with independence and rigor, on the exact amount that corresponds to you and to be able to start a judicial claim of the floor clause of your mortgage, simply contact the telephone number: 868 944 370

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