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Lawyers in Murcia

Lexmia is a law firm in Murcia specialized in Labor, Civil, Commercial and International Trade Law. If you need any type of legal consulting and are looking for a law firm in Murcia, at Lexmia we are here to help you.

Services of our law firm in Murcia

Land Transportation of Goods

Lexmia is a law firm in Murcia specialized in judicial claims for vehicle stoppages, processing of merchandise claims, and mediation with insurance entities, among others.

Traffic accidents

Another aspect in which our Law firm He is a specialist in legal defense in case of accident and claim for damages.

Debt claims

Claiming debts and non-payments. Delinquency prevention. Lexmia collaborates with law offices local offices for international claims, thus expediting collection.

Breach of Contracts

Contract resolution, application Compensation for damages. Extrajudicial negotiation, mediation, filing of claim. If you are a company and need to manage any type of contract litigation, get informed.

Mergers and acquisitions of companies

Advice, mediation, and drafting of contracts.

Conflict with Workers and Unions

Advice, drafting a claim, mediation in collective and individual conflicts, judicial defense, study of labor relations in order to prevent conflicts.

Lexmia: law firm in Murcia

Lexmia is a law firm in Murcia and legal consultants, whose origin was born from the fusion of experienced professionals in the various branches of law that constitute its field of activity: Labor, Civil and Commercial. Our Law firm You will know what to do in any situation and how to resolve the conflict in the most beneficial way for our client.

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Law Firm in Murcia


Rating: 5
Juan Villa

A team made up of great professionals, from the first moment you realize that they work with passion and you feel protected. Personalized attention and satisfactory results. Recommended at 100%.

Rating: 5
José Manuel Gambín

Since we are with Lexmia we have more security in all departments of our company and that translates into peace of mind to be able to carry out our work since they advise and support us in everything.

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The probability of losing in the fight should not deter us from supporting a cause that we believe is just.

Lexmia is a law firm in Murcia with a national and international vocation.

We rely on lawyers with excellent training and a passion to fight for their clients.

Avenida de la Justicia No. 8 Edificio Torresur 1A Murcia
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