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How to avoid job failure?

Since childhood, for many, having their own company or business represents a dream, people study, specialize in various areas, but for a large number of people, a common dream or goal is to have their own venture or company that...

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Dismissal for objective reasons

In this article we are going to study the different reasons why a dismissal can be carried out for objective reasons. The regulations that regulate this type of dismissal underwent a change with the labor reform of 2012 and here we go...

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Compensation for unfair dismissal

In this article we are going to first study what is meant by unfair dismissal and then move on to analyze compensation for unfair dismissal after the labor reform. What is an unfair dismissal? Unfair dismissal is that…

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Is it all work accidents?

Today I bring up the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia of May 28, 2014, in which it is declared that the stroke suffered by a worker at home is considered a…

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