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The first thing you must do is send a burofax requesting payment of the rent owed, subsequently you must file a judicial process in case they do not voluntarily abandon the home and do not pay the rent owed.

At the moment you must go to the nearest emergency center since you do not know the extent of your injuries. You then have 7 days to notify your insurer, from then on you must contact us to claim your compensation for injuries.

It is necessary to claim payment of said promissory note through court. If you have a promissory note returned by the bank and without funds, remember that the statute of limitations is 3 years, however, if what you have in your possession is a check, the statute of limitations is 6 months.

In this case, you have the right to the return of the principal capital invested since this financial contract is void due to lack of information. For more details, contact us and we will advise you.

According to the ruling of the Supreme Court of May 9, 2013, the floor clause is void, and consequently, all amounts paid extra on your mortgage must be returned. To do this, you must first file a claim with your bank and, if it is rejected or omitted, you must go to Court.

The first thing you should do is report the incident, then you must report it to your insurance and make an inventory of the assets that have been stolen from you and try to quantify the price of what was “stolen” and prove it in the best possible way. Unfortunately, the insurance will pay you much less than the actual price. Contact us so that they pay you what really corresponds to you.

Depending on what type of invoice it is, the deadline to claim it varies. As a general rule, the period to claim an invoice is 15 years, but for example, invoices for fees, services, doctors, and professionals in general, have a period to claim them of three years. Our advice is that you claim the invoices as soon as they are not paid, given that the possibilities of collection increase depending on the speed of claiming the invoice in court.

Given the complexity and extension of the contracts, you must immediately contact us so that we can review each and every one of the clauses for a better and efficient interpretation and advice. In case of breach of a contract, you will have the right to different types of compensation (full termination of the contract, restitution of what was paid, damages and losses created...)

Thanks to the fact that at Lexmia Abogados we speak most European languages, including English, French, German and Italian, we can contact the debtor directly and directly negotiate the payment of the debt. Furthermore, the door to judicial proceedings would be open to file a claim in the country where the debtor resides, always offering you the maximum procedural guarantees.

Since these are amounts, the deadline to claim is one year. If a year passes from the time you should have collected them, you can no longer claim.

From the moment they give you the dismissal letter, you have 20 business days to complain. In the event that it is an objective dismissal, they must pay you compensation at the same time that they give you the dismissal letter. If the content of the dismissal letter is true or not, contact us immediately.

Suffering a work accident opens up various avenues of judicial claim, both in the labor/social order and, where appropriate, before the criminal order. This is a complex judicial process, since first a path of compensation must be initiated for compensation for damages suffered as a result of the injuries caused by said accident; Immediately afterwards, a Social Security process would have to be initiated to, where appropriate and depending on the severity of the injuries, obtain a lifetime benefit for work disability as well as open a surcharge process for Social Security benefits. Consequently, and depending on the injuries caused and the severity of the accident, it is necessary to act quickly and in an efficient and safe manner. Explain your situation to us and we will advise you to defend each and every one of your labor rights.

To begin with, the workers' representatives act and negotiate in the Employment Regulation Files. However, once the ERE has ended, and if you are among those affected, you can initiate a judicial claim for Dismissal, individually, in order to try to increase the compensation for dismissal obtained or, even, to try to force your dismissal. readmission to the company.

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