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Do you know labor rights

In Spain, workers are protected through what is contemplated in the Workers' Statute in the Royal Decree, a code that reflects the supreme regulations that protect and ensure the integrity of those who work in the country.

One of the main laws reflected and the one that is most often searched for is on discrimination, where it is contemplated that “reasons of sex, marital status, age within the limits set by this law, racial or ethnic origin, social condition, religion or convictions, political ideas, sexual orientation, affiliation or not to a union, as well as by reason of language, within the Spanish State. They may also not be discriminated against on the basis of disability, as long as they are fit to perform the job. or employment in question.” Through this decree or regulation, the community is invited to understand the importance of a work society where there are no limitations, promoting respect, inclusion, equality and solidarity on the part of those who hire and must be allowed to work in a company.

An also important part of the Statute is that of Effective Occupation, which reflects and gives importance to the fulfillment of labor functions in accordance with what is stipulated in the contract, through respect for the labor category of a citizen and his category. . It is worth noting that in Spain you will also find Collective Agreements, laws that are aimed at specific sectors, businesses or areas. And that part of the rules or laws most sought after by workers, in addition to those mentioned above, are those that are related to labor wages, since with this they seek to ensure that their professional fees, payment time and everything agreed upon are respected. based on the opponent and their powers.

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