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Some of the most popular taxes

We know well that taxes are taxes paid to the State with which collective debts are covered. They can benefit an entire country with their correct administration since they are what allow us to pay for certain things that correspond to citizens.

In Spain there are several types of taxes, state taxes, which are subdivided into several types such as: personal income taxes, corporate taxes, non-resident taxes, and many more. In addition to these, we also find indirect taxes, which include VAT, the Tax on Property Transfers and Documented Legal Acts and we get a lot of other taxes such as regional, local, among others.

Based on various approaches, we perceive that taxes are a great reality that should not escape anyone, that there are many types of taxes that, although not all of them are collected or are the responsibility of citizens, we must always maintain a relationship with them. Knowing about taxes allows us to understand where the funds go.

If you have doubts about taxes, how they work or how to pay them, consult with experts in the area who will allow you to thoroughly understand the situation and advise you on it. Enter our website by clicking and contacting our lawyers and experts.

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