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Do we know what we cost?

Today's BOE publishes Order ESS/2098/2014, of November 6, which modifies the annex to the Order of December 27, 1994, which approved the individual salary receipt model, also known as payroll.
Until now, in payrolls, apart from the basic information on the salary received, its breakdown and withholdings regarding personal income tax, the contribution base and the type of withholding corresponding to the worker's contribution were included, but not the determination of the contribution of the entrepreneur.
The Order published today by the BOE requires the company to indicate on the payroll the part of the contribution that corresponds to the employer's contribution, and must mention the base it takes into account, the type and the monthly contribution.
The standard seeks to make workers aware of the total cost that their employment contract entails for the company, in an exercise of transparency, since there are many who are unaware of this variable, without assessing this added cost to the salary received.
These data, it must be taken into account, are for informational purposes. The reflection on the payroll does not ensure that the company is effectively paying the contribution, although this is what happens in the vast majority of cases. Neither the part in charge of the company, nor the part in charge of the worker himself.
To find out if the company complies with this basic obligation, there are several means available to the worker.
Among them, the application for working life before the General Treasury of Social Security, which can be done electronically. Another option is to access the certificate that the Treasury issues indicating that the company is up to date with payments, although in this case it is the company itself that requests it, making it more complex to obtain it. Another possibility is to urge the Works Committee or the representation of the workers in the company so that, by virtue of article 64.1, section 9 of the Workers' Statute, it requests this documentation, fulfilling its duty of vigilance in compliance with the regulations in force in labor, Social Security and employment matters.

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